The College of Basic Education was established in the academic year 2000-2001 and is comprised of the departments of Kurdish Language, Social Science, Mathematics, English Language, General Science and Kindergarten.

While the departments of Mathematics, Social Science and English were initiated in the academic year 2000-2001, the departments of General Science and Kurdish followed in the academic year 2003-2004 and finally the department of Kindergarten started off  in the academic year 2008-2009.

Following two comprehensive workshops for the colleges of education and that of basic education in Kurdistan universities, it was decided to name it as the College of Basic Education.


The College of Basic Education is a scientific educational college and its key mission is comprised of prequalifying teachers who are trained up to international standards and ready to teach in kindergartens and basic education schools- up to grade nine- in the areas and the specializations that the college has.


The vision of this college is to be at the forefront in the area of teaching, scientific research and in providing services for the community in a manner that would transform the college into a nationwide ‘school for all’ and for the college to compete with the other colleges of basic education both inside and abroad.  Additionally, it envisages preparing the new generation to be attentive to science, education and knowledge to the extent that would enable them to serve their community through being supportive and capable of good teaching process.


The College of Basic Education works to:

  1. Enhance educational knowledge and practice relating to teachers and students;
  2. Participate in the comprehensive advancement of the Kurdistan community;
  3. Fill in the gaps relating to the requirements of modern communities in the areas of teaching, in basic education schools through providing trained teachers who characterized by being successful.