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The Dean’s Message



In the name of God, the beneficent, the merciful.


I am honored to have assumed the position of the dean of the College of Basic Education, Salahaddin University, towards the end of 2012. Right from the start, scientific, academic, educational and administrative efforts have been utilized to ensure that the college performs its scientific and educational responsibilities, with excellence.

The objectives of the college is comprised of ensuring that teachers are prequalified and have enhanced teaching skills and that it additionally prepares teachers in a manner that would enable them to educate and nurture the new generations ensuring that they are equipped with science and knowledge and develop in them the sense of citizenship and enable them to have up-to-date surviving skills.

In order to ensure the enhancement of their skills, the teaching staff had been encouraged and supported for promotions, and training programmes, in modern teaching methodologies and the use of teaching technologies, have been organized for them. Likewise, the teachers have been encouraged and supported to carry out joint researches and to participate in scientific conferences both inside the region and abroad. This has been achieved through signing memorandums of understanding and through encouraging the staff to resume their higher education studies and facilitating study leaves for them to study abroad.

After the completion of the construction and the provision of other necessary requirements, the college has plans for launching a number of new academic departments- like the Department of Arabic, Computer Science, Art Education and Special Needs Education-. Furthermore, two workshops are planned in the way of enhancing the educational programmes , reviewing them and synchronizing the curricula in the academic departments with the Ministry of Education programmes.

For the coming academic year, the college has plans to conduct minimum of two scientific conferences, a number of field visits for the students related to their areas of specialization, invite a number of visiting professionals to the college, organize a number of scientific competitions among students, issue a number of publications, organize cleaning up campaigns and book exhibitions and conduct a variety of athletic and summer training courses. What is more, the college is aiming to design a professional website that would display activities and up-to-date information about the college and the academic departments, the study programmes and likewise the website could built an improved connection between the dean and the students on the one hand and between teachers and students on the other hand and similarly among the students themselves.

Here I would like to seize the opportunity to express my appreciation for my predecessors who tried their best to serve the college and to thank the presidency of Salahaddin University for its continuous support for the college. Likewise, I extend my thanks to all the heads of the academic departments, the teachers, heads of units and the administrative staff. Without them all, one could not achieve anything and as Kurds say, “you cannot clap with one hand”.

Thank you for your unrelenting collaboration and support.

Himdad Abdul-Qahar Muhamed, Assistant Professor(PhD)


Dean of the college