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On October 27 2015 and amidst its cultural activities, the dean of the college, Dr Himdad Muhamed and the head of the cultural committee Mr, Nahro received Dr. Rebwar M. Ameen who delivered a seminar entitled, "The Power of Forgiveness".

In the lecture he shed light on the power of forgiveness on the individual's life and on his health.  Forgiveness is one of the factors that increase the release of the enzymes in the body that promotes happiness. When individuals are happy and have feelings of love the body releases Dopamine which was referred to by Helen Keller as the enzyme of love and good luck and one that enhances activities and the autoimmune system.

The first step on the way of adopting an attitude of tolerance and forgiveness is to stop thinking of forgiveness as a weakness. In fact forgiveness reflects ultimate strength on the part of the individual.

The seminar was distinctive in that it was not very abstract but rather a lively seminar  that invited the audience to participate with questions and their views on the culture of forgiveness. 

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