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The Dean's Meeting with the Teaching Staff

Dr. Himdad Muhamed the dean of the college of Basic Education organized a meeting with teaching staff that was conducted in Pari Hall at 10:30 am on Thursday Nov.29 2015

The Items of the agenda were as follows:

  1. Students' graduation research project;
  2. Observation and training of the students;
  3. Quality assurance;
  4. Miscellaneous items.

All the college departments would have to review the new guidelines regarding the new format of students' graduation research projects along with observing the preliminary evaluations, preparing the poster and the final evaluation of the research projects. The review process would have to be conducted within one week before the new format is distributed to all the faculty departments.

The second item of the agenda was observation and training of grade four students in the schools and that it should be done in small groups of 5 to 7 students and the teachers to follow the new evaluation forms for their visitation.

The observation process for the students could resume on weekly basis, following the end of the training period.  The various geographical location within Erbil municipality were defined to include such areas as Ankawa ,  Binaslawa, Kasnazan, Daratu, Bahirka, Shawes and Peerzin .

Quality assurance was also tackled as it was the third item in the agenda and there was focus on timing the seminars and their quality and on how crediting is worked out for the teaching staff.

Among the item to do with the miscellaneous issues, it was mentioned that there were recurrent problem with the data show projectors in the classrooms. However, the teaching staffs were requested not to interrupt classes in cases when they could not operate the data show projectors and to resort immediately to other means for delivering their lectures. Various alternatives were presented for dealing with the screen also.

Likewise, keeping the classrooms clean was discussed and the teachers were urged to have an active role in this regard and not to leave it for the regular cleaning campaigns.

Other items that were discussed were the car parking lots, students' café and increasing the green patches. 

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