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On Tuesday Dec. 10th 2015, Dr. Himdad Muhammed, the dean of the college of Education received Mr. Antony, who is in charge of cultural affairs at the U.S.A consulate in Erbil along with Ms. Anwar and Mr. Diler.

In a meeting that was held between the delegation and the college of basic education the team discussed opportunities

for collaboration between both sides in term of seminars and workshops and mutual visits, with focus on the staff and students from the department of English.

Later Mr. Antony participated in an open discussion on violence against women which touched base with the various types of violence and the reasons behind them. Likewise he offered ideas for dealing with this issue.

The talk received a lot of attention from the audience and was followed by a thorough exchange of ideas and points of view. 


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qusulxanay Amarica 1