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On Thursday, December 24, 2015 teachers, employees and students of college of basic education in a cooperative work, they did some volunteer work in the college such as making path, painting,

cleaning up the garden and trees.

Those who participated in this cooperative work were:

-         Mr.Nitham Hasan

-         Mr.Saman Ahmad.

-         Sir.Ghanm Mohamad

-         Sir.Ranjdar Yaseen

-         Sir.Sarkawt Nadir

-         Sir.Zryan Shabib

-         Sir.Safwan Shwan

-         Sir.Abdulrahman Mohamad

-         Sir.Mohamad Amir

-         Sir.Hawre Ahmad

-         Sir.Shwan Salim

-         Sir.Hunar Jasim

The act of gardening and cleaning up was held by the student Qasim Mohamad.

Well done to you all.

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