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The Units in the College of Basic Education

The Registration Unit is tasked to:

  1. Admission of new (first year) students in accordance with directives from General Directorate of the Registration at the Presidency of Salahaddin University;
  2. Perform tasks to do with students like postponement of study, failure of students based on exceeding the absence rate and dismiss students and issues to do with balancing the credits per curricula models in case of students transference.


Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Tania Nuraddin Sabir MA Head of Unit
2. Avin Jamal Hussein Bachelor Check/review degree certificates (with grade averages)
3. Sharmin Rasul Husen Bachelor Clerk
4. Abdulmutalib Abdulla Muhammad Bachelor Degree certificates
5. zhyan Ismael Saeed Bachelor Write support letters
6. Bekhal Taha Ali Write support letters
7. Razaw Abubakr Ali Write support letters


Unit of the Internet and Computer

This unit was established at the same time with the college and it delivers practical computer lessons and administers the website of the college.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Azhi Aziz Salih Masters Head of Unit
2. Ghazi Sabah Ahmed Masters Computer Lab.
3. Hunar Latif Saeed Bachelor Computer Lab.
4. Nehro Ramadhan Salih Bachelor Computer Lab.
5. Kardo Baiz Othman Bachelor Computer Lab.


Unit of Planning and Follow Up

This unit was established exactly the same time as the college and its objective is to lay down the college annual plan for all areas, identify the administrative, technical and academic needs of the college and to respond to correspondences with directorate of planning and follow up at the presidency of the university.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Shima Fadhl Ali Masters Head of Unit
2. Al Tahsin Jamil Primary School Printing and dealing with correspondences
3. Kani Omar Ismail


Maintenance Unit

This unit is considered as an essential one in every institution as its services are frequently required when faced with problems to do with equipment being broken or out of order and need to be fixed. The staffs in this unit go about fixing them like when doors, chairs or pipes are broken or when there are issues with the electricity supply in the college departments and units.  

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Jalal Muhamed Khidhir Vocational High School In charge of the Unit
2. Aram Sadradin Saeed Vocational High School Electrician
3. Raad Rustam Rafiq Primary school Electrician
4. Ziryan Shibib Ameen Primary school Service man
5. Zirak Shibib Ameen Primary school Service man
6. Muhamed Mahmud Kareem Primary school Generator operator
7. Najat Omer Hussein Primary school Generator operator
8. Hiwa Hussein Ali Agricultural High school Gardener/college gardens
9. Farhad Tahir Mahmud Gardener
10. Alladin Sadiraddin Ahmed Receptionist
11. Diar Abd Ezat Receptionist
12. Gailan khalil Hamad Receptionist


Unit of Academic and Post Graduate Affairs

Academic Affairs: Implements the college’s academic affairs like formal academic correspondences and responds to all such correspondences to do with the college’s academic issues and to all faculty departments and the other colleges of Salahaddin University.

Post Graduate Affairs: Deals with Organizing post graduate studies in the academic departments and study programmes, scheduling lectures, provision of lecturers for post graduate programmes, arranging oral examination of theses, designating supervisors for post graduate students and deals with all other issues relating to post graduate studies and students.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Dr. Hlz Antr Waly Ph.D. Head of Unit
2. Negar Mohammad Aziz   Archive and sort out the mail and type them
3. Zhin Hamid Hamasalih Post graduate studies and typing

Rawa Salih Mohammad

Academic affairs, writing minutes and typing
3. Narin Kamal Saeed Post graduate studies and typing


The Library Unit

This unit classifies books, assigns codes to them before dividing them into scientific and literary resources. Likewise the library unit lends books to students, teachers and staff as per the date of borrowing and returning them back.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Farhad Khalid Mustafa Head of Unit
2. Himdad Muhamed Rasheed Computer & lending books
3. Shireen Fars Lending books
4. Shadan Jamil Lending books
5. Zhiyan Tofiq Shelving books
6. Fars Abdulmajid Masters’ students
7. Hawar Ali Hasan On Maternity leave
8. Avin Mahdi Qadir On Maternity leave


Continuous Education Unit

This Unit is in charge of familiarizing the administrative and the teaching staff in the college with up-to-date teaching/technologies through organizing training courses in computer, internet and teaching methods.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Kamaran Malud Fatah Masters In charge of the Unit
2. Sabir Abdulrehman Awla BA ---

Audit Unit

This unit audits and reviews work done by the accountancy section including invoices, fees for extra lectures, students’ stipend. The unit also takes care Human Resources of the college.  

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
2. Gizing Ali Mahmud Bachelor

In charge of the Unit


3. Chistine Fidhil Jilud Bachelor Student Stipend (In Charge of Unit
4. Mayada Jamal Khattab Student Stipend (In Charge of Unit


The Sports Unit

This unit is organizes the college’s sport activities and students’ athletic courses.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Faris Kameran Abdulla Bachelor In charge of Unit
2. Zhilwan M.Maruf Master


The Administrative Unit

This unit is line managed by the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs and it is in charge of seconding staff, managing correspondences and marking staff leaves.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Halo Khalil Kakawais Bachelor In charge of Unit
2. Sadia Master Record absentees
3. Nergz Bachelor
4. Soran Master Record absentees

The Finance Unit

This unit prepares the salary sheets of both administrative and academic staff, distributes students’ Stipends and sets the college’s annual budget.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Gazaiy Othman Mahmud Master In charge of Unit
2. Luqman Karmand Diploma
3. Iskander Tawfiq Saeed Bachelor Budget
4. Sangar Rasul Aziz Bachelor Petty Cash
5. Fakhraddin Muhamed Shukir Bachelor Student Stipend
6. Wazira Abdulla Ismael Diploma Student Stipend
7. Ahmad Aziz Qadir Bachelor Student Stipend


The Human Resources and the Personnel Unit

This is a key unit within the college and it manages the affairs of academic and administrative staff including personnel, in and out mail, archives, copying and dealing with correspondences to Salahaddin University colleges and the Presidency and to all the college’s departments and units.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Narmin Muhamed Salih Bachelor In charge of Unit (Maternity leave)
2. Rawshan Othman  Bachelor Typing (Study leave)
3. Friad Ahmad Salih Bachelor Typing (Study leave)
4. Fatima Abdulla Omer Bachelor Outward Mail
5. Aya Amer Badreddin Personnel, In-coming Mail and archives ( Maternity Leave)
6. Sadraddin Saeed Ahmed Intermediate School postman
7. Christina fghl jlud Copy documents


Maintenance Unit

This is the main unit that is in charge of repairing equipment in the college, in particular such equipment as computers, printers and photocopy machines.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Ghanim Muhamed Salih Intermediate School In charge of Unit


Unit of Supply and Warehouse

This unit organizes the college input and output procedures for stocks at the college warehouse, keeps record of equipment movement in and out of the warehouse, distributes stationary to all the administrative units. The unit is also in charge of electricity and fuel supplies, follows up on all correspondences between the college and other relevant institutions and keeps inventory of the assets on annual basis. Likewise, the unit is tasked to distribute graduation uniforms to students and teaching staff.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Haval Muhamadamin Hamad In charge of Unit
2. Abdulbasit Nuriy Saeed Study leave
3. Hiwa Hama Sherif Hamad Intermediate school


The Office of the Dean

This unit is significant and vital for the college and it is concerned with the administrative affairs including dealing with restricted mail –in and out-, writing the minutes of the college governing board, correspondence relating to academic issues, forming committees and responding to mail from the university president’s office.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Pshtiwan Muhammad Hasan Bachelor In charge of the Dean’s Office
2. Pakhshan Hwez Hasn Restricted Mail
3. Sarhad Othman Ramadan Bachelor In charge of the Restricted Mail’s Division


The Media Unit

This unit covers the activities of the college and organizes such events as seminars, conferences, festivals, public and national events. It also publicizes such events and coordinates with the media unit at the university’s presidency to be announce such events in the university’s magazine and radio.

Employees of this Unit

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Smin Askar Muhammad In Charge of the Unit


Unit of Quality Assurance

This unit works to ensure the high quality of lectures and the performance of the students. Basically the unit assesses the quality assurance process in three ways: firstly, the teachers profiles, secondly the continuous professional development, and thirdly through feedback from the students, which is an indicator that highlights weak points in the university’s system.

Employees of this Unit:

Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Dr. Shahnaz Abdul-Hameed Hamad Ph.D. In charge of the Unit
2. Yahya Tahir Mirza Bachelor Correspondences


Unit of Laboratories and Import

This is unit is tasked with:

  1. Prepare students and familiarize them to benefit from the theoretical lectures in chemistry, physics and biology. Likewise prepare students to utilize the theoretical knowledge in practice.
  2. Prepare the requirements and the equipment of chemistry lab (analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry and biochemistry).
  3. Prepare the requirements for the apparatus that are used to conduct biology experiments (plant physiology, animal physiology and microbiology).
  4. Prepare the requirements of physics laboratory.
  5. Teach students how to conduct experiments, in compliance with safety and security.
Ser. Name Degree Position
1. Layla Aladdin Mohammed Ph.D. In charge of the unit