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Seminar by Great Singer Adnan Kareem


A historic day , Through continued our college’s activities on Sunday 26/4/2015 Sir Assistant Professor Dr. Himdad Abdul-Qahar Muhammad with the presence of vice Dean Sir Saman Ahmed, received our great singer Sir Adnan Kareem who visited our college via a special invitation.

At the beginning of the seminar, he gave a special lecture for Kindergarten forth-stage students on the importance of music in children’s life and guidance during working on love concept from children.

In a special ceremony, the results of seminar competition of all the departments of first-stage students were announced. Gifts, gratitude and appreciation were offered to the students by Sir Adnan Kareem and the dean of college Dr. Himdad. 

In the seminar Sir Adnan Kareem discussed on the stages of himself in general. Moreover, he further emphasized on his artistic life in the different stages, products, his concerts and future plan.

Afterwards, Salahaddin University logo and gratitude and appreciation of college deanship offered Sir Adnan Kareem by Sir Dr.Himdad as a respect to his major efforts.

Finally, an exclusive interview was conducted which will be published in the next number of Kozan Magazine.